Pizza and Bread Oven Building Materials

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We stock many of the high temperature materials needed to construct wood fired ovens.

Below are some general recommendations based on our refractory application experience and many successful customer projects.

Medium duty (or higher) hard fire bricks are suitable for the hot face layer, inside the oven. This includes, floors, walls, dome, arches and hearth etc.

Refractory mortar should be used for dome, roof or wall brick joints. Mortar on the floor is optional. Floors without mortar will be easier to service or repair. Joint thickness for the refractory mortar should not exceed 1/8” thickness. For joints larger than 1/8”, such as joints in a dome or arch, KS-4 castable can be hand packed in addition to refractory mortar.

Insulating fire bricks are recommended for the insulating layer between the structural base and oven floor. Insulating fire bricks are recommended rather than ceramic fiber insulating board. The board can compress over time and has the potential to retain moisture from weather elements if not entirely sealed off.

Ceramic fiber blanket or lightweight insulating castable may be used as an insulation layer over domed and arch roofs. 2” minimum thickness is recommended. The ceramic fiber blanket will need to be tied down with wire and coated with weatherproof concrete or stucco. Insulating castable is not weather proof either and will need an additional weatherproof sealed layer.

At this time, we do not sell complete oven building kits. Individual plans and oven sizes vary greatly. The final plan will need to be determined by the customer and follow state and local building codes. Please consider the general construction methods outlined above or contact us if you have other specific questions.

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