Minro-Z Wash Z77


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Zircon-based wash
3000ºF Max

Minro Z Data Sheet

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MINRO-Z WASH Z77 is a zircon-based wash material designed to coat refractory surfaces. It may be used as a patch primer, protective wash, or temporary coating. A primary application for MINRO-Z WASH Z77 is the coating of refractory surfaces used in aluminum melting operations. This zircon-based wash helps prevent the adherence and buildup of dross. Any dross which accumulates is more easily cleaned off than from untreated surfaces. MINRO-Z WASH Z77 may be used on alumina and zircon-based linings.

MINRO-Z WASH Z77 is supplied dry and water is added to desired consistency. For troweling, add 15 – 18%. For brush-on applications, use 20%. For spray-on consistency, 25% or more is required. Working time is 30 to 60 minutes depending upon the consistency.

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